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Blazix provides the Java technologies of Servlet 2.3, JSP 1.2, EJB 1.1 and JMS 1.0.2. It also includes an implementation of HTTP/1.1 and is written entirely in Java, so efficiently that it can be used as a full web server all by itself, even for high volume traffic. In fact, this web site is powered entirely by Blazix.

Blazix provides numerous powerful features including support for no-single-point-of-failure clustering for load balancing and failover, live EJB and Web archive deployments and updates, Secure Socket Layer web services, transaction management, security and more.

In addition to these standard application server features, Blazix has pioneered many new innovative features in the application server arena, such as EJB wizards, powerful JSP tags that greatly simplify input processing in JSP, JSP debugging support, simple and effective internationalization and simplified wireless device programming. Blazix 1.1 also includes our ION (Interfaces Over the Net) technology which is a very direct and simple approach to distributed computing.

Blazix is elegantly designed and tightly written, therefore it is able to provide all these features in less than a 2-megabyte download.